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Caden Jester's new track "Slow" will seep into listeners' hearts and capture their fancies

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So Caden Jester's SoundCloud profile is pretty bare now-- all except for this smooth new tune released a couple days ago. The eighteen year old producer just graduated high school, and with his new original single "Slow", it looks like listeners will have to keep a close watch on him this year. 

Christopher Blake's layered vocals first greet listeners like a warm, velvety blanket, accompanied by a low-key switchy beat. However, it's not long before the smooth quiet nature of the track escalates into a colorful array of whompy future bass synths, tinklings of a xylophone, and even a couple snaps that insert themselves into the song ever so slyly. The production and Blake's vocals twist around each other in the most inseparable and sensual of ways, keeping listeners on their toes.

Thematically, "Slow" lets your emotions slowly creep through your body as your ears sink deeper into the sexy, smoother-than-peanut-butter nature of the track. The track ends fading away into limbo to the sounds of either crackling radio noise or raindrops, taking your heart and emotions with it. 

Connect with Caden Jester: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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