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Ugly Boi Luigi and Golddigga duet on 'Confessions of a Street Poet'

I may reside over here on the West coast, but I often find myself gravitating to the east. Will I move there? Not anytime soon perhaps, but the boys and gals making music there can keep it up and I'll keep feeling like I'm missing out.

We have a new album to share today with a couple of guys who reflect the same styles as Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era. They go by Ugly Boy Luigi and Golddigga. Before we dive in to Confessions of a Street Poet, let us say that these dudes are picking up styles that have been around since the genesis of hip-hop. The intensity of Public Enemy, the smooth production nature of Slick Rick, and the skits of Binary Star.

C.O.A.S.P. has been in the making for quite a while. Ugly Boi showcases a flow unique to almost everyone, and Golddigga executes the cleanest throwback production we've heard in a while. The eighteen track project is a self-dubbed "boom-bap" album with a ton of heart, a huge range, and pure rap gold. Any hip-hop heads with an inclination to be early adopters shouldn't sleep on this.

Take a listen to C.O.A.S.P. below, and check out more of Ugly Boi and Golddigga here.

Connect with Ugly Boi Luigi:  FacebookSoundcloud | Twitter
Connect with Golddigga: Bandcamp | Twitter

Dark Rap · Hip-Hop · Rap


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