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Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard are "Going Against The Grain" with new EP [Premiere]

Occasionally, two artists are able to come together and seamlessly meld their own vision for new projects. Last September, this is exactly what happened for Germany’s Florian Kruse and singer/songwriter Hendrik Burkhard, when, during the course of a single week, they penned an insane amount of tracks for some of the best house and techno labels in the scene today. One such imprint, Joris Voorn’s GREEN, was able to secure the emotional, two track EP The Ground, with Joris Voorn adding his own remix to the title track.

The second track of the EP, “Going Against The Grain,” opens with some crisp percussion and a relentless beat. Almost immediately, the higher end opens to give the song a sense of fragile stability, while the bass provides the perfect depth to overlay Hendrik’s incredibly emotional vocals. The fact that Florian Kruse is able to tailor the synths to the needs of the track, whether they be more organic or synthetic, throughout really brings the track together and shows why so many imprints have picked up this duo’s newest projects.


This is definitely one track you won’t want to miss. Pick up a copy when it drops on June 3rd.


Florian Kruse and Hendrik Burkhard are also doing a live show titled after the EP. Check out the trailer below.

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