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Emilie Ramirez shares captivating visuals for "Lupus" [Premiere]

Emilie Ramirez's art and music is a world she has created for herself - an entire magical universe - she explains that “In my world, when words are not enough, music and art speak for them...Music is a necessity for me, like food and water. Music is my respite and my refuge.”

Born and raised in rural Denmark, Emilie cites her childhood as key to her creative development as the artist she is today. She spent her formative years cultivating her artistic skill, first through drawing and later with verse, as an expressive outlet for the struggles which surrounded her.

"Lupus" is about what we can't control as humans, to feel small in a big universe, to learn to let go, to see the beauty in being different, knowing who your are, to stand by your beliefs and to be eager and willing to evolve and get wiser but not by compromising your integrity." - Emilie 

"The idea with this video is to create a universe that embraces Emilie Ramirez as an artist and emphasizes the atmosphere in the song. We've tried to uncover the nerve and energy that “Lupus” possesses through an abstract visual format. By incorporating the occult and the obscure, we’ve made our take on a visual interpretation of Emilie Ramirez’s artistry. There is no strict narrative but it's all a fragmentary combination of the conscious and the unconscious - with room for the audience to interpret and experience." - Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (Director)

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