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Wolkoff and The Hood Internet reunite on "Me & Mine" [Premiere]

Last year, Brooklyn-based singer Wolkoff teamed up with Chicago production duo The Hood Internet on "Going Back," a summery slice of electronic pop with quite an odd concept behind it.  The track's Noisey premiere shed light on the song's whimsical premise, in which the three musicians are:

"Cut down to microscopic dimensions and injected into a laboratory rabbit, where they collaborate on their single 'Going Back.' Rival scientists are foiled as they try to get their hands on Wolkoff's classified findings (which could change mankind as we know it). High speed chases and slapstick espionage ensue in this three-and-a-half minute long tour de force of the human spirit." 

Clearly the trio knows how to make great pop tunes without taking themselves too seriously.  Now, with summer nearly upon us once again, Wolkoff and The Hood Internet have joined forces again for another sonic adventure, "Me & Mine."

"Me & Mine" has a bubbly rhythm that surges with energetic synthesizers and snappy drum patterns, with Wolkoff sounding a bit like Lorde after a few Red Bulls.  You couldn't find a better soundtrack for this warm weather, check it out above.  Keep your eyes peeled for more from Wolkoff, she's poised to make some major waves in the coming months.   

Connect with Wolkoff: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Connect with The Hood Internet: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


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