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Indie group Corbu releases mysterious new track "Polygon Forest"

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Scanning the interwebs for information on NYC-based band Corbu isn't easy. Sure, you'll find a Soundcloud and Facebook page but the indie group seems to keep it mysterious, which can be heard on their new track "Polygon Forest." 

The information you can find is an intriguing quote on Soundcloud that reads,

"Dreams are really important to me. I think the world you experience when you're dreaming is physically real, in some way. I don't understand it at all, but I've had enough intense experiences to justify that belief." 

On Facebook, they list their inspirations as "Dreams, memories, bright colors" and their interests as "Space, the woods and geometry." Unusual for a band in a bustling, fast-paced city like New York, but we can only assume that they have found some other world through their music. 

"Polygon Forest" is everything that touching indie music is about, a guitar riff, soft melodies and dreamy soundscapes that transcend the madness that is New York City. And we can hear all of that without even knowing their names. 

Connect with Corbu: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 



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