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cln drops "Owls" from debut EP

Aussie-based producer cln recently returned to the internet with his new single "Owls" and it's another beautifully virbant electronic jam.  This is the first dose of what we can expect from his forthcoming EP. While we aren't quite sure where the title comes from, is he talking about the animal Owls? What we do know, is that the single according to cln, is about the moments when life "can get really busy. It’s very easy to stress, and get worked up about things that aren’t really that important. Your mind gets to a point where it has too many things to worry about, and as a result you don’t have time to just sit back and be happy with what you have. This song isn’t really about any particular experience that I’ve had, it’s more just intended to reflect on that moment where you realize that you are completely overwhelmed by your own thoughts."

I'm sure we've all had those days, hours, and moments, but fear not as cln is here to distract us through his twists and turns on "Owls". Featuring his own vocals, Callan Alexander (aka cln) builds an atmospheric energy around his warped and brooding voice, layered perfectly over reverbed synths and ethereal rhythms. 

Take a break from your day with cln and "Owls". Give it a spin below.

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Dance · Electronic


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