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Khary makes an anthem for late night creeping in "2AM Thirst Ballad"

There is always that moment at the club, bar, or party, when everyone knows they should have headed home two hours ago, maybe even a shot ago; where you look around to find only desperation and depression in your line of sight. This is the point of the night when you begin to fidget with your phone hoping that someone out there would magically get the inclination to hit your line. You have two options: go home and try to get that eight hours of much needed rest; or to try to extend the night and get some quick hook up option. If you are like Khary, you choose the latter and he made "2AM Thirst Ballad" for you.

"2AM Thirst Ballad" finds Khary talking to a potential hook up partner, who is sitting at home binge watching Netflix. His storytelling ability is on full display, as he tells a vivid tale of thirst and ultimate success. While his rhymes are paint this picture, they avoid being cringe worthy or merely joke filled punchlines. It is a complete song, one that is easy to relate to and enjoy. Swell's production is on point, especially with the Brazilian influence percussion during the chorus. Combining Khary's humorous delivery, his tale, and the beat creates an exciting and engaging record.

Khary's Intern Aquarium is due out on May 17, so get excited for more hilarious anecdotes on the horizon. If "2Am Thirst Ballad" is an indication of what we can expect, fans should be excited to hear the full project. Check it out above.

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Hip-Hop · Rap · Trip-Hop


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