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Strange Talk adds a gorgeous shimmer to MAIZE's "Remember To Lose" [Premiere]

Some of the best moments in a live set are not the large drops, the nail-biting build ups, or the moment a new song begins and air cannons blast the audience in some mysterious white haze. No, hidden within those momentous events are the subtleties of a calming hush washing over the crowd, with euphoric melodies, and inspiring lyrics captivating the audience. It’s in those moments time seems to be suspended and you become fully aware of your surroundings, the people you’re with, and that exact moment in time — almost achieving an out-of-body experience. Strange Talk’s latest remix of LA-based duo MAIZE’s original track “Remember To Lose” captures that sentiment, creating a heavenly blend of light melodies and precise swells that fill your heart and mind with joy. It’s a gorgeous remix that shimmers with hope and affirmation, doing its due diligence to the original record.

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