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Jarreau Vandal + Zak Abel are unforgettable in "Everybody Needs Love" [Premiere]


Zak Abel is an artist whose music seeks out the soul in life to make his music matter. Chasing that genuine appeal that vocalists like Adele and Amy Winehouse garnered in their careers, Abel makes music that looks to bring out the truth in all of us, making us stop, remember and engage with the bigger picture. He signed to Atlantic Records three years ago, and since has seen success in his home of the UK on Radio 1 and abroad on Beats1 and SoundCloud with originals like his latest, "Everybody Needs Love." A soulful R&B track, the single takes on a uniquely British pop angle with wide and infectious appeal. And with melodies like that, it's prime for some remixing.

I just want to make something that’s useful to people, that I’m proud of and to know I’m fulfilling my potential as a human being. I want people to believe me when I’m singing. I want to make something brilliant and honest and useful. Icould try and make a song that’s hot for now, but I’d much rather make music that lasts a lifetime.

Stepping in on those duties this time is the Soulection crew's finest, Jarreau Vandal. Vandal is familiar with the soulful side of music as well, working with brass bands Brasstracks and covering tracks from Rihanna and the like. His sound ranges from UK garage and house to chill out soul instrumentals, and he's ended up somewhere in between on his work on "Everybody Needs Love." Vandal has constructed an undeniably infectious remix with low key instrumental production, emphasizing the raw soul in Abel's original vocals. He's created a danceable track, though, simply through the how he's used live elements in his electronic production. All in all, we pray that this isn't a one-time meeting of the team of Zak Abel and Jarreau Vandal.

Connect with Jarreau Vandal: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Zak Abel: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Dance · House · Main Stage


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