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Zsonic releases new track "Intrusion Effect" on Them Flavors label [Premiere]

Often overshadowed by more trending cities such as Los Angeles and New York, Chicago does in fact have it's place in electronic music. Artist collective and label Them Flavors is a huge part of the movement to return Chicago to it's heyday of the 80's house music insurgence. 

The upcoming release from the collective is Missouri native Zsonic's Hidden By Leaves EP, which blends tribal beats with pure, unadulterated techno. The EP is slated to be dropped next month, and today we're pleased to premiere lead single "Intrusion Effect," which is an eerie, spooky techno tune set to set a dimly lit dance floor on fire. 

Other recent releases from Them Flavors include Benjamin Damage, Heathered Pearls, BOT, Nick Hook, Rone, Maxxi Soundsystem, French Fries, Avalon Emerson, Matrixxman, Rustie, Astronomar, Batu and Nguzunguzu amongst others. So get ready Chicago. 

Connect with Them Flavors: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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