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Jenaux returns with new original, "Get It On"

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New York City DJ and producer Jenaux has certainly been on his grind over the past year. He’s remixed tracks from Rudimental, Mr. Rogers, The Disco Fries, Marcus Schossow, The Chainsmokers, Tritonal and beyond, curating hard-to-categorize melodic style that falls between progressive and pop along the way. Recently, he realized something was missing from those recent releases – an original track – and this week, we’re seeing the first of the fruit from that realization. 

Entitled “Get It On,” Jenaux has made a real statement both melodically and literally to his fans. Exploring the boundaries of low tempo and low energy uplifting music, he’s created a funky track that has inspirations that come from all over the musical map. All in all, “Get It On” is memorable, and a forward-thinking look into what we can expect going into the rest of the year. In a note to fans, he made it clear there’s more to come:

Today's a special day for me friends,

I haven't released an original in almost a year. I realized that although I was garnering support from some of the greats that I looked up to, like Armin, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, etc; none of it mattered, because I found myself doing something that wasn't me. I was chasing trends, instead of trying to set them. I was trying to remake tracks that had already been made. I wasn't pushing myself creatively. Of course it's hard to do something different, but I think that's why I was scared. I was scared of failing, and I was comfortable. It's easy to do something people know, people like, something people have already embraced. It's hard to challenge yourself, take a risk, and continue to believe in yourself no matter what comes about.

I think I made close to 50/60 original tracks till I made something that was so different but so cool to me. That track was Get It On. A friend of mine, this INCREDIBLE writer Jake Warren, sent me this vocal chop with a deep house track, but I heard something that had more soul to it. I started messing around with it, and in a hotel room in Austin, where I was stuck because of some crazy hurricane, I made this track. I couldn't believe it, but it felt special, it felt different. And i wasn't in a big fancy studio, I didn't have my keyboard or anything. I had my laptop and my headphones, and I felt outstanding. What transpired that day changed everything for me, for Jenaux. I had a new vision, a new direction that was me, that felt like me. I didn't have to drag tracks into my projects anymore and try to see how I can remake that person's lead, or synths, or anything. I just went with the flow, and confided in myself. After that day, I tested this track out for the first time at Give Thanks in San Jose in November, and the response was UNREAL. I knew i landed on something special. It's since been an enormous part of my sets.

The problem with doing something different creatively, I feel like people are inclined to hate, or tell you that you shouldn't because it's not what's typical, or familiar. Well let me tell you this, you do you, you trust yourself, and surround yourself with people who believe in you, who will support you no matter what. That's key. And then try and push yourself creatively till you can't go any further. Battle your mind with positivity. Seize your inner artistry.

Anyway, I really hope you guys dig this track, it's the beginning of something special. I have so much more in store for you, already ready to go. Praying that you guys stick with me on this incredible journey. Thank you all for the support in the past and the future.

Much love,


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