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Justin Martin releases sophomore album 'Hello Clouds'

The DIRTYBIRD Records co-founder, DJ, producer, pizza-loving San Francisco native Justin Martin has added a new notch to his musical belt: a sophomore album. Entitled Hello Cloudsthe LP communicates his lighthearted attitude and ethereal, danceable deep house style not only through its name but through the 13 tracks it holds. Boasting collaborations with FEMME, Charlotte OC, Lena Cullen, Kill Frenzy, Will Clarke, Ardalan and his brother Christian Martin, Hello Clouds is an affirmation of Martin's success until this point. It's streaming today, and is out now for purchase.

Release Info:

  • DB-137
  • Justin Martin - Hello Clouds
  • Release Date: Out Now


1. Dive In

2. Hello Clouds feat. FEMME

3. The Feels
4. Odyssey feat. Lena Cullen

5. Upcountry

6. Rabbit Hole feat. Charlotte OC

7. Be Mine

8. Back To The Jungle feat. Will Clarke

9. Tropical Storm Mango

10. Wet Cat (Sooo Wet) feat. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan

11. Midnight feat. Christian Martin

12. U R Here

13. Hold Them feat. Mohna

Connect with Justin Martin: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Dance · Deep House · House


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