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Gorgon City's 'Kingdom' takes life with "Blue Parrot"

Praised producers Gorgon City are building anticipation for their Kingdom album project, unveiling their second LP track-by-track. Last month the duo revealed the first single "All Four Walls" and they will continue to share a new song every three weeks, bringing us to the second track.

"Blue Parrot" is a dancefloor cut inspired by the club of the same name in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. "Blue Parrot" doesn't take longer than a minute to get the blood pumping, and the feet tapping. It's all about the percussion with this one, something Gorgon City have long triumphed in.

Kingdom, Volume 1 is expected to be released in August. Never out of the studio for too long, the two shall start work on Volume 2 soon after.

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