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Tom Misch & Barney Artist join forces once again for "Stay Close"

We haven't heard a collaboration from Barney Artist and Tom Misch since they dropped "Space" in 2014. Fast forward to the present day, and now the duo just want us to "Stay Close". 

The track starts off real hot with T. Misch sounding like a sweet baby angel over the intro. Then Barney Artist takes over the cut like the deep voiced Ma$e of London, with his rich vocals and that laid-back, raw, stream of conscious, flow. 

These UK artists seem to slay the electro hip-hop sound we are all so very fond of as of late. Tom Misch, at 20 years young, has been consistently putting out fire productions for the past 3 years. Most of his sounds are heavily instrumental, Dilla-esque jazz beats, with a sharp hip-hop hi-hat. This production veers more towards a Kaytranada influence, with a deep electro drum pattern, wavy jazz keys with an eerie ring in the background to tie it all together. 

Electro Hop · Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop


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