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Chance The Rapper and Saba represent Chicago heavy in "Angels" [Video]

Chance The Rapper has gone from the high school delinquent penning rhymes during his suspension, to a full fledged ambassador of Chicago. He has never shied away from his hometown; whether discussing the oft reported on violence or the overlooked musical history, Chano has embraced everything about the Midwestern City. His never wavering, unabashed love makes the release of "Angels" not surprising, but an appropriate return to form for the young rapper.

Chance released "Angels" last year, yet he just decided to share the video accompaniment with the world today. Saba, another Chitown MC due to make some serious noise in the future, provides the track's catchy and vibe filled hook. In the video, the two channel their hometown pride to send out nothing but rays of positivity. The Austin Vesely directed Chicago show features Chance as a superhero flying and then riding atop the "L" near the financial district of the loop, while Ian Eastwood choreographed dancers and Saba party inside the train. However, the most enjoyable moment in the video comes towards the end, when the two rappers begin their own dance routine. 

"Angels" is all about having fun and being proud of your roots. Neither the video nor the rappers take themselves super seriously. It is cooler to see Chance and Saba not fall into the typical hip-hop machismo archetypes, but rather explore their weird. Hopefully, this is a sign that Chance is ready to really shake things up on his next project. Actually, hopefully this means we will get a new Chance project before we are all grey haired. Whatever, it means, it is incredibly enjoyable and you can check it out below. 

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