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Bryce Fox will snap you out of your daydreams with "Horns"

LA-based singer Bryce Fox released his new track yesterday and it's definitely worth a listen. "Horns" opens with stomping drums and percussion slamming against a razor-edged electric guitar accompaniment, reminding listeners of a distinct alternative rock sound employed by groups like The Black Keys. Shortly after, Fox enters into the song with recklessly aggressive but elegant rock vocals, reaching for the higher notes and hitting them powerfully. This track is an insanely different departure from Fox's first track, "Burn Fast", which is much more mellow and falls more in the category of sweeping alternative-pop. You'll definitely want to hop on the Bryce Fox train; this guy only has two tracks out on SoundCloud but the dexterity he's showcased with them can only give us listeners more to anticipate.  

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