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Novo Amor & Ed Tullett's beautiful collaboration on "Alps"

Individually, both producer Novo Amor and songwriter Ed Tullett have unique styles of blending sounds and creating hauntingly gorgeous tracks. Multi-instrumentalist Novo Amor tends to shape his tracks with dreamy soundscape qualities, evoking a ghostly calmness through his use of hollow vocals and tinged with the melodies of an acoustic guitar. In the same respect, Ed Tullett's voice will touch listeners in the way that soulfully iconic Bon Iver does, but with a bit more hushed vocal layering. It's no wonder that their ongoing collaboration project, with debut release "Faux" in 2014, has hit over two million listens on Spotify. The style of both artists melds effortlessly into each other. 

Now, Novo Amor and Ed Tullett have teamed up once again with "Alps". It's an expressive folksy track that pairs Novo Amor's intricately simple and sweeping production style with Ed Tullett's addictingly fragile voice. The harmonies that Tullett layers upon the song are not only gorgeous, but also lend "Alps" a wholesomely satisfying sound. And as the song reaches the end, Novo Amor escalates the power of all the elements of his production, with echoing percussion sounds, what sounds like a banjo, and an electric guitar before ending on a note that sighs and fades slowly away into the distance. 

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