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Jabbar and Snubnose Frankenstein continue to stunt on "Riches"

With every new release, Jabbar and the rest of his Lousy Human Bastards! compatriots continue to prove that they are the most underrated crew in the South right now. Jabbar was last featured on the site for the release of the lo-fi video for "Poole Palace" off of last years excellent Out on Bond EP.

The newly liberated spitter (who was recently released following a small bid in jail) has returned with some more heat, this time featuring fellow Lousy Human Bastard Snubnose Frankenstein, who continues to prove himself as a pivotal force behind the boards as well as on the mic. This is definitely one that you will have to play back a few times to catch all of the wordplay, both of them trading gritty lines and gun-talk over the sinister instrumental. Check out "Riches" below and make sure to listen to The Lousy Human Bastards! Amazing Stories Vol.1 for more !




Hip-Hop · Rap


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