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Echos releases cinematic and captivating track "Tomorrow"

Oregon-based duo Echos had a smash hit with their release "Silhouettes" which was reposted to TrapNation's YouTube and received over 2 million views. The song is a blend of cinematic post-rock paired with electronic synths and crooning indie vocals. Trap percussion and vocal chops carried the song, giving it this insatiable dance element that lent towards its virality. Their latest release "Tomorrow" is a diversion from this sound. The duo still plays on their brooding minimalism but revels in this song's melodic simplicity, letting the lyrical narrative shine through. Sparse pounding percussion pulls you in but the real gem here is the vocals and how they are delivered. The sound is reminiscent to the eclectic earlier versions of Sia and the dark brooding nature of Daughter tied together with the electricity of Alana from Nero

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Electronic · Indie · Post-Rock


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