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Malc Stewy flaunts storytelling chops on "Gone (Runnin')"

Well folks, it's Monday yet again; and to ensure your week is off to a smashing start, LA emcee Malc Stewy is here to get those heads bangin' — whether you're smushed between two old ladies on the city bus, or desperately trying to block out your coworkers' humdrum weekend reports.

Stewy's latest single, "Gone (Runnin')," is the perfect prescription for a case of the Mondays: An explosive, in-your-face slapper that packs instant energy. Stewy took a string-heavy, mafioso instrumental from Ian J and painted it with some truly engrossing storytelling and a Tasmanian devil delivery. A$ton Matthews serves as a dynamite wingman on this track as well, spewing a tenacious verse reminiscent of Nipsey Hussle. Overall, the production is on-point; the verses are loaded with heavy lyrics and vigor; and both artists effectively depict the psyche of a trigger man who's dodging the one time.

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