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Save the Clocktower debuts new single "Taboo" [Premiere]

The Chicago-based indie-pop band, Save the Clocktower, shares their new title track off their upcoming EP, Taboo. Permeating with funky new bassline hooks, "Taboo" is a representation of the groups evolving new dream-pop sound that all fans should be excited for.

"Taboo" starts off with a Foster the People sounding distorted synth followed by steady percussions, before unleashing an all-out onslaught of groovy bass lines. The band dug deep into their arsenal for various samples that they've scattered over their signature hypnotizing synth melodies but it's this newly discovered funk that adds a new breathe to their music. 

Due to various logistical reasons, the band brought in James Washington as the new bassist for this EP. Washington had previously played with drummer/vocalist Greg Newton back in high school and brings a welcomed new element that compliments the bands sugary melodies. 

“There's this radio station in Chicago called V103 and every Friday they basically played this two hour block of funk that we all used to drive around together listening to it. Funk has always been a very important genre for us but it never came out organically in our music until all of a sudden it finally just did.” Greg Newton

Since the release of Through the Glass back in 2012the group has been working steadily on creating new music. Their lengthy process of recording individual pieces and continuously layering them over a track, provides a delay to their swiftness of releasing new music. But the band's focus will always remain on producing high quality music and fans should prepare themselves as they finalize more work to be released later this year.

The three track EP is due out April 8. 


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