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Aire Atlantica's "April" is a kaleidoscopic soundscape

When it comes to discovering music, it's effortless to find a listenable track; one to pump up in the car and jam out to. What's rarer to find within the electronic community is music that reaches a certain depth and triggers a surge of emotion through the body. New York based producer Aire Atlantica, fosters this quality in his music, with a true warmth enveloping each track.

The producer possesses an eclectic array of content, including both remixes and originals, which dawdle between genres of trap to house. Aire Atlantica makes his return after a break from production, focusing on creating a signature sound and improving the quality of his work. In his most recent works, he redirects his tones to developing a captivating inventive new sound. His last release was a remix of Kanye West's "Bound 2" which sported a Future bass twist. The track consisted of subtle growling synths to create a sweet and buttery rework of the original. 

In Aire Atlantica's latest, he takes listeners to a new hazy realm of music, evoking slight feelings of romantic yearnings. The light sampling of Rhye's "Open" compliments the understated glitches in the song, emphasizing a beauty in it's fragility and imperfections. The track can play a role as the soundtrack to the rawness of a new love, with it's incessant ambience and mellowness imitating butterfly feelings often present. Aire Atlantica shows spasms of creativity in the fluctuating drum patterns from clunky bass to solid 808s. All in all, the track is a colourful experience that will fill listeners with warmth in it's complexities. 


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