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SweeTTooth will have you moving with their debut single "Let Go"

SweeTTooth is a brand new Psych-Pop group based out of South Pasadena that is comprised of singer & multi-instrumentalist McCoy Kirgo (formally of Talk In Tongues) and producer/keyboardist/guitarist Mac Hill, who both take turns playing the many different instruments that make up the free-flowing mélange of sound in their music in their sporadic improv sessions. The two of been hard at work arranging and recording their debut EP these last few months, but have decided to put out a taste for whats to come with a luscious new single entitled "Let Go". 

The new single is an infectious dance-pop affair that hones in on the light-hearted feel that the duo is trying to accomplish, relying primarily on a medley of lush synth melodies, an electronic two step drum pattern, and the floating vocal talents of McCoy over the mix. The result is an impressive pop record that has us reaching for our dance shoes for a night on the town. Listen to the song below and be on the look out for more SweeTTooth via soundcloud!


Indie Dance


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