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MOONZz ventures into the dance world with BLU J-produced "GDBYE"

Los Angeles-based singer MOONZz has one of those voices that's enticingly spunky and emotional, with the ability to send chills down the spine of the modern day listener. The first time I heard her rework of Selena Gomez's "Good For You", I knew I had found something special.

There is just something so openly inviting to listeners about MOONZz and the work she has put out so far because she is also one of the rare artists who is capable of versatility in different music genres. For example, "Satisfy" is one of MOONZz's singles where her voice falls somewhere in the category of R&B and trap-pop. In Venessa Michaels-produced redo of The Fugees's "Killing Me Softly", MOONZz takes the role of a traditional female vocalist featured on a largely Jersey club-inspired track. In "Deja Vu", MOONZz embraces the role of the electro-pop vocalist. All of this genre-hopping is great because listeners get such a large range of options when taking the time to listen to MOONZz, and of course this means that MOONZz is going to continue garnering fans of different listening backgrounds.

With "GDBYE", produced by BLU J and premiered by Zane Lowe less than two days ago, MOONZz has jumped into the realm of deep house and dance music. With a snappy kick and delectably deep bass guiding the song forwards, MOONZz belts out confident lyrics to inspire those ready to bid someone farewell (as in a breakup) in the most fashionable of ways. 



Dance · Deep House · Electronic


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