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Stream et aliae's Sparkling "Rose" EP

The mysterious Singaporean producer et aliae has sporadically teased us for months with low-key collabs (Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs) and electro-remixes (Lemonade), all hinting at her hypnotic talent without providing any long-lasting evidence. This week, she finally shows herself to us in full with the debut EP, Rose.

We’re lapping up everything we hear so far. Each of the five tracks is a sub-visual stunner – there’s not a filler in the bunch, each conjuring a unique watercolor of late-night cosmic drifting – but they blend together like logical steps in a zero-gravity soundscape, their shimmering piano beats vibrating in tune with some greater, genial force. Taken apart, these twinkling singles are ambient, complex, and, above all, stunningly pretty.


Ambient · Dance · Electronic


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