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Moon Boots slips Elohim a huge "Xanax" remix

Moon Boots is back with another remix to tantalize our ears. Taking his skills to the track "Xanax" by LA's Elohim, Moon Boots injects a dose of energy to give the track a little more life for the dance floor. With a hip-swaying beat and sleek synths, this one's saying all the right things to win your heart. Moon Boots will have you rethinking why you even needed that prescription.

The original version that Elohim laid down gives off more of a chilled Purity Ring vibe, but what we get here goes in a totally different direction. Along with crispy beats and modern flair, this remix goes deep into Moon Boots' signature bouncy R&B-infused house. It'll have you craving warm weather and sunny beach time. Find Moon Boots's "Xanax" remix out now!

Dance · House · Indie Dance


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