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Midas Hutch and Bluey Robinson get funky with "The High"

Midas Hutch and Bluey Robinson have struck 80s funk gold with their single "The High." This will certainly brighten and supercharge your day! With its high energy and addicting pop melodies, it's hard not to dance to these vibes. Midas Hutch has a way of hitting that perfect not-so-guilty, guilty pleasure point. It's been a while since we've gotten a new original from Midas, so we're glad to have more funky synth deliciousness.

Bluey Robinson's glossy R&B vocals and harmonies have me believing in male sirens. You can see why he's one of Midas Hutch's favorite R&B vocalists. Midas says he "wanted to create something you can listen to in your car, cruising with your boo with the top down. As well as a song you could get down to in the club." Job well-done!

Dance · Funk · Indie Dance · Pop


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