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Listen to MOSSY's psychedelic release "Electric Chair" [Music video]

Sydney-based artist Jamie Timony just recently debuted his new project MOSSY. His music is a blend of theatrical dramatics, modern psychedelia, and abstract pop. His debut single "Electric Chair" is a cosmic concoction of this sound, exhibiting similarities the psychedelic twang prevalent in Tame Impala's Currents. Its indie approach to pop gives it the disorienting whimsy that creates an atmosphere of lavish, but not overbearing sounds. In conjunction with the single's release, MOSSY teamed with Kris Moyes to create a music video, who has also created videos for artists like Grizzly Bear and Beck. It's a blend of artistic choreography, creepy cinematography, and an intriguing story line that follows the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo. Electric Chair is the first single of MOSSY's debut EP, out May 9 through I OH YOU records. 

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