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Hannibal King clings to life in "Don't Die" [Video]

It has been quite some time since Hannibal King made himself and his talents known. The Queens native and frequent collaborator with some of the bigger New York underground talent, like World's Fair and Bryant Dope, has returned from his brief hiatus with a heaping helping of new material and life experiences to share with listeners. Instead of relegating himself to only being behind the boards, King is taking the reigns in all aspects of his forthcoming album—both rapping and producing. 

"Don't Die" is the first single from Hannibal's currently-untitled project. It is a song that delves deep inside of the rapper's conscious and taps into his insecurities, as well as aspirations to put together an incredibly moving piece of music. While it is pessimistic at times and some of his lyrics paint a pretty dreary picture of his life as a young artist, ultimately his resolve to continue striving forward and reach for his lofty dreams is what makes "Don't Die" special. 

In the accompanying video, Hannibal can be seen drifting through New York City streets attempting to regain some control over his current situation and life. He is actively resisting the powerful urge to just give up and succumb to the ills of the world, whether that be apathy or drink. "Don't Die" is a cool concept and a story that many creatives can relate to. Check out the video below.

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