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Eric Sharp and Gavin Turek team up on "Love Can't Wait"

RIS Labs founder Eric Sharp carefully calculates each and every release he puts out. He admits that his approach to creating and releasing music "adheres to a standard of excellence that many could recognize and appreciate— one of quality over quantity." The time has come for Eric to release another production from his vault. Teaming up with rising luminary Gavin Turek, the pair have created "Love Can't Wait." When speaking of the single, Eric says, “My method of creation is heavily inspired by the surrealist movement in visual art — allowing my unconscious mind to express itself through my work. When Milana who co-produced this track came over to my studio, we didn’t expect to write a chord progression that we would immediately fall head-over-heels in love with. Gavin's soulful vocals were the perfect complement to this minimalistic production, juxtaposing two styles which aren’t typically heard together.” Together the pair have fused forward-thinking production with a crossover appeal that is as viable in headphones as it is on the dance floor.




Deep House · Electronic


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