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AshTreJinkin's newest single "Home Burn" is a substantial banger

The Los Angeles' experimental 'beat scene' has been a hotbed for forward-thinking producers and artist for quite some time now. As far as boundary pushing goes, few do it as well as Compton based-producer  AshTreJinkins, who has proven himself as an composition marvel who exists outside of the boundaries of genre. A fervent student of the Low End Theory community, he has been crafting off-kilter soundscapes since he was 16, and now at age 23 plans to make a name for himself with his newest LP Zone of The Enders on New Los Angeles Records. 

The second single off of the project is an arresting dance-floor scorcher entitled "Home Burn", and has Ash showing off his acute sampling and drum programming techniques. It is probably the heaviest track I have ever heard from AshTre and is showing a lot of potential for his new sound. Check out Zone of The Enders when it is released on February 26th on Itunes!

Electronic · Experimental · IDM


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