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BomBassic release debut single "Gato Negro"

When music has no lyrics, it's usually a love or hate feeling right off that bat. For people who like lyrics, instrumental music isn't for them, but when done right it can evoke the same feelings as a lyrical track telling you to feel some type of way. Asheville-based duo BomBassic have done instrumental electronic music right with their debut single "Gato Negro" (Black Cat). For ages superstitions have surrounded the black cat or gato negro. In Egypt they were worshipped, in France they were despised. In the case of BomBassic and their latest release they were a source of inspiration. Lush textures, warm melodies, and tasteful chops take you on a sonic journey from start to finish, or as they so cleverly put it, "the result is a smooth cerebral audio experience that is equal to a serotonin booster." 

BomBassic’s ‘Acceleration’ EP is set to be released Tuesday, March 29th via Street Ritual. Have your first listen below.  


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