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Listen to Ed Tullett's ambitious first album Fiancé [Exclusive Stream]

Last week we wrote about rising artist Ed Tullett's darkly cinematic but oddly hypnotic release “Malignant.” Malignant is taken from Ed’s debut album Fiancé, which is out February 19 via Monotreme Records. Today we have the privilege to stream his album in full ahead of its Friday release. It’s full of nine artfully crafted songs that showcase his diversity and ability to craft a creative soundscape that transports the listener into a rich textural environment. His sound is uniquely his own but has notes of the melancholy folk feel of Fleet Foxes paired with the floating falsetto of Local Natives. It’s a beautiful concoction of musical brush strokes and lyrical poetry that proves he has the ability to captivate his audience and build upon this foundation his has created. Listen to the album in full below and be sure to follow him for future releases and news.

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