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GoldFFinch combine rhythm and self-awareness in "Are We Here?" [Premiere]

When it comes to GoldFFinch there is no denying the Belgian duo know the formula to creating electronic music that'll get a dance floor heated. Releases for esteemed labels such as Numbers., Turbo Recordings, Saigon and Dirtybird say plenty about their diverse appeal and the unique place they hold within an ever changing music scene. Kicking off 2016, GoldFFinch release their second EP under Kevin McHugh's Valence imprint, and it's one hell of a kicker. 

Comprised of four tracks, Modification is an EP with vast stylistic range that fits in well on a label like Valence. Overseen by a notorious audiophile with a keen interest in sound design at just about every stage of production, anyone versed with McHugh's standards knows that his seal of approval means a little something. On this EP you'll surely find the signature groove and the stomping presence  of any GoldFFinch record, but "Are We Here?" marks a slower, thought-provoking crossing that carries with it a self-awareness quite unusual in today's scene.  


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