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You need to hear J F L E's cathartic lo-fi affair entitled "Oh Shit" [Premiere]

Joey Edwards aka J F L E is a lo-fi/electronic bedroom artist hailing from the inner workings of south-east London.

Having been the guitarist for indie act Casimir for 5 years, Edwards recently changed pace to wander out on his lonesome, hence the inception of solo moniker J F L E. 

With a £10 Yamaha PS-20, a junior drum kit, and a few pedals handy, Edwards conceived of J F L E via a unique sonic palette of worn out instruments that in turn give his music a certain forgotten warmth. The results can be unpacked as grunge-inspired and enigmatic instances of understated electronica, which sums up his newest single "Oh Shit" quite well. 

Finding itself to be one portion of a two track single entitled Oh Shit / My Body Shook (set to be released online in the coming month), "Oh Shit" is enormously cathartic, instantly setting a dynamic mood within its very first breaths. 

Listen below to "Oh Shit".

Catch J F L E in the flesh on March 7/16 at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden.

90's · Electronic · Lo-Fi · Premiere


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