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L'TRIC puts a new spin on Adrian Lux's "Torn Apart" [Premiere]

Just about a year ago, we were introduced to a new up and coming force in the house music sphere, going by the name of L'TRIC. The Pete Tong-approved duo aren't newcomers to the music scene alone, though, as the project's members are seasoned production veterans Ivan Gough and Andy James.

On their latest track, L'TRIC has teamed up with a fellow Australian label, the notable Neon Records, for the release. And though we've seen some impressive originals from them, this time, they've remixed some of Adrian Lux's work. 

Lux's style speaks well to his name, with lush progressive and laid back beats. On "Torn Apart," L'TRIC have put a unique, upbeat spin to that intent, with swirling piano progressions, a groovy house beat and overall production that totally highlights the originals' breathy, ethereal vocals.



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