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Primal Scream and Sky Ferreira Release "Where the Light Gets In" Video

Scottish rock band, Primal Scream, just released a new video for "Where the Light Gets In," featuring American alt-pop queen Sky Ferreira. This dreamy synth-pop track, with new wave electronic melodies, was produced by Gillespie, Andrew Innes, and Peter Bjorn and John's Bjorn Yttling. 

Primal Scream, who formed in 1982, are set to release their forthcoming album Chaosmosis on March 18,  featuring other artists like Haim and Cat's Eyes' Rachel Zeffira.

Ferreira's new album, Masochism, is also expected to be released this year with reluctances that she would 'refuse to put out something that isn't honest'. This wouldn't be the first time an artists scrapped a completed album to start again, ex: "Grimes Says Her New Album 'Sucked,' so She Started Over."


Primal Scream, Sky Ferreira - Where The Light Gets In
Primal Scream, Sky Ferreira - Where The Light Gets In
Electronic · Indie


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