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Gosteffects releases "Move You" Playin' Fields Remix [Premiere]

Gosteffects is a harbinger for the undergroud, a god for those who dance in the darkness at the after after party. The ones that happen at those quiet, just out of the way places in the trendy warehouse areas. The New York producer and DJ is releasing the remix EP for his latest single "Move You," released on his own label, Afterlife Records. "Move You" is fashionable, sinister and the slightest bit industrial as it blends together all the darkest parts of deep house. Playin' Fields eloquently vibed "Move You" out while retraining the qualities that kept the original way, way underground. 

Gosteffects himself said of the remix EP:

"I am elated to have such a strong round of remixes for "Move You" coming out on my label, Afterlife. I love what each of these artists are doing and I'm honored to have them remix "Move You." 

Deep House


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