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Lemaitre and Giraffage team up in upbeat track "Nishio 2"

It's been a busy year for both Norwegian electronic duo Lemaitre and San Fran based Giraffage. Lemaitre recently released their new single "Stepping Stone" ft Mark Johns and are set to be releasing their new EP 1749!, on Jan. 29th. Fool's Gold's Giraffage recently wrapped up his North American "So Cute!" tour alongside Slow Magic

The two electronic acts join forces to create for a mystical, bubbly track that takes listeners into a happy place. The title “Nishio 2” references Lemaitre's experimental Daft Punk-esque original “Nishio” released back in 2010, but strays far stylistically. “Nishio 2” is saturated with glistening synths and youthful vocals. Lemaitre and Giraffage bring in sounds inspired by early technologies intertwined with choppy, manipulated vocals. Midway through the track, the bass pumps heavier and the drop is preceded with a climatic silent pause evocative of Porter's remix of Nero's "The Thrill". The track mixes a unique blend of static noise, cutesy synths, low-fi guitars that seem out of worldly, or inversely, condensed to the world of the internet. Picture drifting through the waves of the web; glitchy, overloaded with data and neon pixels and at most times overwhelming. "I'm so happy I never met you, Our time together would be too short and sad" possibly references a short-lived internet romance, brisk and sweet but unrealistic. Lemaitre's new tack is colorful and uplifting. "Nishio 2" is equal parts, Giraffage's borrowed technologic sounds and Lemaitre's quality-constructed melodies. Look out for Lemaitre's new EP, 1749! next week and check out the track below.

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