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LA-based ARMNHMR get "LOUDER" with new release

The LA electronic music scene is constantly booming with fresh talent and ARMNHMR are an emerging duo beginning to make their mark. Big names are already calling attention to the duo with Vanic playing “Ecstacy” in his recent SnowGlobe set and The Chainsmokers featuring “Fallen” in their “Nice Hair” radio show. ARMNHMR also has shared the stage with also LA-based, SLANDER and have an upcoming show later this month with heavyweight Dotcom.

After a thorough sift of ARMNHMR's soundcloud, the duo's talent is raw and indisputable. “Ecstacy” focuses more on the current future bass trend with airy vocals and epic melodies, reminiscent of Flume. On the other hand, there are hard hitting tracks such as “PANTHEON” which deliver strong trap synths over a subtle jungle beat. The duo have surely dipped their feet in multiple genres, showing a wide range in their sound. ARMNHMR release ““LOUDER”, premiered by NESTHQ which is surprising to the listener on several levels. The beginning of the track is vibrant with bubbly, chopped vocal-imitating synths. Eventually the tempo picks up for the killer drop highlighting a penetrative bass and startling synths.

“LOUDER” is an electronic mosaic that speaks truly to it's title. The track serves as a great sampler to the diversity in ARMNHMR's body of work and additionally screams “festival worthy”. With ARMNHMR's eclectic approach to their production and clean edits, it's best you begin to keep an eye on the duo to witness what exciting tracks are unraveled. Check out the track below.

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