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Torro Torro's "Make A Move" Remix EP is out on OWSLA featuring Skrillex, Habstrakt, and more

Torro Torro is a duo from Toronto that have consistently kept the electro scene going strong with banger releases. They've remained in the electronic realm for several years and have never seemed to lose their touch, rather recently they have only accelerated in success. In early 2015, Torro Torro released their first single with OWSLA and now follow up on that release with several creative remixes. 

The first track to start the fiery EP off is Skrillex's rendition to "Make A Move". The remix starts slow and builds into a typical bass frenzy. There are some signature voice distortions and retro samples that lead into an onslaught of electrified lasers. Skrillex's work leaves small segments of the original, but takes a completely new direction in a horror themed soundscape. 

One of the heaviest and most delightful remixes on the new EP is Habstrakt's redux version of "Make A Move". The screaming vocal sample sets the perfect mood for an ecstatic beat down by this leading producer in electro thrash. The powerful bass line makes the original song shudder as Habstrakt delivers some solid ammunition down upon the track.   

Lastly, Star Slinger and Mark Johns retouch the original track with a softer style that seems groovy enough to end the remixes. There's a funky reverb that plays along with the lyrics in a new fashion, making the last remix strikingly stark from the other aggressive approaches. Mark Johns offers her sensual voice by giving a more passionate touch to the chorus. 

Torro Torro conclude their booming EP with the original song, "Make A Move". The final production features vocals by KIA with the versus co-written by Skrillex. The track starts slow, yet never slows in momentum with a scorching synth line similar to Torro Torro's usual work. The tension builds consistently over the chorus and finally feels released with an energetic electro push around the chorus. 

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