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Deebs returns to solo work with his new track, "Realize"

2015 saw Deebs collaborate with R&B vocalist Jarell Perry on the Shift EP, a five-track affair of emotive, trap-influenced beats and dark, shadowy pop hooks.  Now the producer, born Will Diebel, has recently moved from his hometown of Toronto to Edinburgh, Scotland, and he seems to be getting a fresh start, sharing "Realize," his first solo track in some time.

Rather than being a single from an upcoming release, "Realize" is listed as part one of something called the Silicon Series.  Sonically, the track shows that Deebs has honed his skills even further, building a towering edifice of desperately wailing synth swirls atop his signature low end murk.  Whatever the Silicon Series turns out to be, "Realize" has it off and running at a blistering speed.  Listen to the track, and check out Deebs and Jarell Perry's recent video for "Relapse" below.

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