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Alex Adair remixes Petite Meller's "Barbaric" [Premiere]

French pop singer Petite Meller has made a name for herself with unique, cheeky pop music and equally as entertaining music videos paired along with those releases. Her latest track, "Barbaric," features a great instance of the latter, with a house music-inspired energy and cheery aura.

In another vein, British producer Alex Adair has built his career so far on impressive, multidimensional takes on melodic house music. With his breakout hit "Make Me Feel Better" attracting new hoards of fans and support from contemporary artists. While the track was career-changing, Adair's real first endeavor was on a remix of Ed Sheeran, and he's returned to that method today for his latest release. Adair has pulled the groove out of "Barbaric," molding it into a house tune with a sexy retro saxaphone understanding and displaying the track's wit in a new way. Check it out below.

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