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Matt Kali is "Burning" on new single feat. Jennel Garcia [Premiere]

Have you ever been burned? Or maybe not burned, but burning. Burning for that one love to work out and it's always the one that never does. It's the one that you'd go anywhere for, but maybe they don't really want you to. You burn for it until the flame goes out, molten wax sliding down the candle you held for them. 

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And we're hearing this on Boston based producer Matt Kali's new single "Burning," a fusion of pop, electronic and house that pulls on all of the right heartstrings. But it's not necessarily what you would think of as atypical house, and has way more of a radio than a dance floor feel with that piano chord intro. It also features vocals by Jennel Garcia, an X-Factor finalist, who adds some additional warmth to the track. 

House · Premiere


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