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We're "In Love With You" Loframes, and Aashton's remix too [Premiere]

On top of last week’s David Harks and Black Devil Disco Club remixes, house duo Loframes has a new single and remix package set to drop soon. If you’re listening to “In Love With You” and it sounds familiar, it’s actually a cover of the classic Alan Braxe & Ronuald track of the same name. Instead of that signature dripping wet disco house that Braxe is so well-known for, you get scintillating and pillowed deliciousness from Loframes.

The full EP is also set to come with remixes, including one from the UK’s Aashton. He finds a nice balance between the crisp Loframes sound and Braxe’s silky synths, even while his remix has more drive and seems to outpace the other two versions. Everything he has done here is brilliant with all the filters and layers of instrumentation. Make sure to check out the original "In Love With You" which is a free download before it's official release. The full In Love With You EP, along with remixes from Monsieur Adi and Shut Yo Waffle, will be available on December 4th

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5 years ago

@dom_aashton thanks so much for the lovely words!