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Moxie Raia unleashes her jazzy side on "How To Feel"

Moxie Raia has unleashed her jazzy side on “How To Feel,” a simple little ditty that is anything but, all finger snaps and gentle piano chords with throaty vocals. We heard this on her last release, a cover of “Drugs You Should Try It” by Travis Scott, which was all about those seedy underground scenes are so easy to lose yourself in. 

But her emotions are all neatly summed up in one line on this one, “I don’t know how to feel.” “How To Feel” is more memories than drug blurred feelings, with sentiments that waver between the painful pangs that hit immediately after a break-up and the numb cold that follows. And if you hadn’t heard Moxie's jazzy side, you have now.

Jazz · R&B


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