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Arno Cost celebrates his "Return" with a free download

France's Arno Cost has had a big 2014-15, releasing a multitude of collaborative music with artists like Greg Cerrone, Arias and Norman Doray, and launching his own brand When In Paris. Starting from a radio show, the brand is now an outlet supporting new and up and coming artists, which Cost showcased at a themed night during the Amsterdam Dance Event this year. The night was so inspiring apparently, that he created a track to commemorate his experience. Entitled "Return," the single totally encapsulates Cost as a producer: his Frenchness, attention to the details in subtlety and understanding of the power of melody. On the track:

“I was so inspired by the last When in Paris during the Amsterdam Dance Event that I wanted to create something that mixed that amazing spirit with the groove of Paris. This is a sound I want to explore more and a bit of a step outside of the box for me. I didn’t want you all to wait for release schedules of record"

"Return" is available to stream of for free download.

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