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Tommy Trash completes video series with "Me & U" featuring Anna Lunoe

Aussie producer, DJ and personality Tommy Trash has wrapped up his latest EP project just after its release. Luv U Giv is a three track, three video experience that Trash began to unveil just two weeks ago, with the lead single's unveiling with a new video. What we've seen so far has been in classic Tommy Trash style - soulful electro with stop motion visuals that portray a cheeky yet inharmonious plot line.

The third and last piece to this EP puzzle is "Me & U," a collaboration with equally as fervent on stage personality and fellow Aussie Anna Lunoe. Lunoe, like Tommy Trash, has cemented her point of view in the dance music sphere, even naming it "hyper house." "Me & U" combines that jackin' style with the retro feel of Trash's latest, with a video that even has a Barbie doll A-trak make an appearance. 

Tommy Trash on Tour:

Anna Lunoe on Tour: 

  • Dec 03 - Elevate With Sleepy Tom - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Dec 04 - The MID With Sleepy Tom, Sweater Beats - Chicago, IL 
  • Dec 05 - Populux With Sleepy Tom, Sweater Beats - Detroit, MI
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