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Arms and Sleepers capture the exuberance of youth on new track "NeoTeen" [Premiere]

Boston's veteran trip-hop duo Arms & Sleepers is having a bit of a reawakening lately, ignited by a successful Kickstarter campaign.  There are too many recent and upcoming releases to mention, but right now they're in the process of unveiling the Force Majeure EP, a conceptual four-track piece that follows the concept of life’s journey, “starting with the nascent pulses and ending with the last breath."  The duo shared the beginning of that journey, the ethereal "Birth Echoes" a few weeks ago.  Purely instrumental, the track still manages to set the scene of a birth remarkably well, both emotionally and almost visually in the listener's mind.

Before the entire EP sees the light of day on December 8, you can now check out the second chapter of life's journey, the epic, nine-minute "NeoTeen."  As we all know, the early teen years are hell on earth, but also a time of discovery, and 'NeoTeen" captures that balance of anxiety and wonder, the duo themselves describing the track as the "youthful energy, passion, and determination" part of the life cycle.  Arms and Sleepers prove once again that they're making some of the most cerebrally and emotionally affecting electronic music out there, and they're not showing any signs of stopping.  You can pre-order the digital or limited colored vinyl of Force Majeure here, and check upcoming Arms and Sleepers tour dates here.


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